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JavaScript Stuff

I actually cut my teeth on ECMA-flavored scripting in the form of Flash ActionScript way back in version 4 of that amazing little authoring tool. By version 5, I began understanding Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles and the true power of ECMAScript.

I became interested in JavaScript when I realized that it was virtually identical to ActionScript, and that it had evolved into a bona fide, useful language from the primordial (read proprietary) ooze it once was. The ECMA-based standardized implementation of Netscape's JavaScript and Microsoft's JScript in modern browsers has opened the door to very powerful web pages.

Without further ado, here's some stuff I've done in JavaScript. Since this is all stuff I've done in my spare time, you will find that most of these could stand to be beefed up in some form or fashion.

ASCII Plasma

If it's not ASCII, it's not worth crap!


Enough with the ASCII stuff already! Okay, this represents the latest "ASCII thing" I had built at the request of a friend.

ASCII Burger Time

I built this soon after the ASCII Pachinko piece. Despite the fact that they both render text for graphics, they have significantly different implementations due to the use of color in this demo. This demo also employs a couple of rather heavy DOM fragments as screen buffers.

ASCII Pachinko

There just aren't enough pachinko machines online, much less ASCII ones. Hopefully, this one will make the world a slightly better place.

English-to-l33t Translator

Dirty, unoptimized and heavy use of regular expressions make this one of the best l33t translators I've seen online... if I do say so myself.

JavaScript Huffman Code Demo

This script generates a binary tree that's used to compress data. If you have even a mild interest in data compression, then take a look at and experiment with this article. If you wish to continue thinking of compression as black juju, then this article is not for you.